Infrared heating panels: a new energy-efficient way of heating!

Infrared heating, like solar heat, radiates heat. After switching on the panels, walls, floors, ceilings, furniture and other objects like human bodies are heated. If the walls etc. are heated, they will release heat. The air is thus heated later. No air circulation occurs, so no pollen, fungi, bacteria, etc. are floating in the air. In addition, the panels are energy efficient.

ceiling- and underfloor heating

There are several methods for heating rooms with Fortega infrared foil from the ceiling. The radiant heat is ideal for rooms with a maximum height of 300 cm but ...
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Paneel met marmer

De infrarood panelen met marmer kunnen alleen voorzien worden met marmer van het merk Volakas. Dit marmer is van zeer goede kwaliteit en is erg hittebestendig. Hierbij valt te...
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De infrarood mini-verwarmingspanelen worden geleverd in de kleur anthraciet of wit. De mini-verwarmingspanelen van Fortega Benelux zijn slechts 1,5 cm dik. Een zijde is van staalblik in...
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De infrarood plafondpanelen zijn aan de zichtzijde voorzien van staalblik in de kleur wit. Met de infrarood plafondpanelen van Fortega Benelux is mogelijk om b.v. in het plafond van...
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Anita, Diemen

For several months I have infrared heating in my living room (underfloor heating) and the bedrooms (panels). The heat feels wonderfully beneficent and only uses a fraction of the energy. We are very pleased with the result. I would highly recommend it!

Bas Wanders, Droomparken

Droomparken is energy efficient in the chalets. Fortega's infrared heating is a great solution for a future without gas!

Hans Germeraad, Purmerend

In 2012, I decided to renovate my shop in Volendam. It was demolished and rebuilt. I came into contact with Fortega at that time and I immediately saw the benefits of infrared heating. Nice warmth and durability is of course very important. But the economic aspects are also important, and there are plenty: no pipes and radiators, no heating installation with depreciation and maintenance, no fixed gas, and, I can say, low heating costs. And the nicest thing is that many customers notice the comfortable temperature. I can recommend infrared heating from Fortega after 5 years of experience.

John van IJsseldijk


John van IJsseldijk, Almere

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