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FORTEGA BENELUX B.V. had the vision many years ago that fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal would become obsolete. There are already problems in the province of Groningen.

Already years ago we had an interest in all of the alternative sources for producing electricity, such as solar panels, windmills and watermills, etc.

In the year 2004 Fortega Benelux B.V. came into contact with a factory that had been involved in the production of infrared heating foil for more than 30 years. This foil was used for infrared cabins. In close cooperation with us the factory has developed a range of heating panels with a thickness of 3 cm and since 2014 the so-called SLIM line has been put into production. These are panels with a thickness of only 1 cm . They are beautiful in shape and even have a better capacity.

Fortega Benelux B.V. has already been busy for years with the sale of panels, but has also made inventions of its' own, with patent and trademark rights.

Our goal was to produce heat at a low electricity consumption and for, among other things, the housing and greenhouse horticulture sector. We have succeeded!

Prof. Dr. Kosack from the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany has done tests in which the heating of a house with gas was compared with heating the same house with infrared ceiling or underfloor heating or with panels. The conclusion of the study was that heating with products with infrared heating foil is up to 50% more economical than heating with gas.

The products are not cheap, but due to the demonstrative lower energy costs, the initial buying price is quickly recuperated. The systems of Fortega are experienced as very reliable, all the more because there is little or no maintenance required and the systems can last a lifetime. Replacing C.V. boilers and radiators are no longer necessary.

The living environment improves because infrared is anti-allergic. Dust no longer swirls with warm air.

European Union rules such as lowering CO2 emissions can only be realized if there is a transition from fossil fuels to electricity in the heating sector. In Spain or Denmark, for example, cooking will only be done by electricity and the hot water supply also. In homes, the gas meter can be removed and the transport and maintenance costs will then be a thing of the past.

Recently, there have been so-called "gas-free" neighbourhoods in the Netherlands. Heating by means of infrared panels, floor and ceiling heating is an excellent alternative for gas and is also healthy and energy efficient.
And ..... you can save more than 50% on your energy bill. 

For the agricultural sector see: www.fortega-agriculture.nl

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