Infrared heating panels from Fortega Benelux B.V. can be set up standing in specially manufactured stands. They can also be easily mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. They are supplied in versions from 100W to 1000W. The appropriate size is determined separately for each room. The required heating capacity is between 30W and 80W per m2 and depends on the location and insulation of the room.

With a capacity between 100W and 1000W, the power consumption (depending on the cubic meter content of the room to be heated) is only between 2-20 Eurocents per hour. Thermostats with a timer control the switch-on times, so that only with actual heat demand power is used.
Heating with electricity is considered expensive and energy-wasting. However, it is worth examining the advantages and disadvantages of conventional heating systems.

By burning oil or gas in our heaters, we heat water. This is e.g. through ducts in radiators or underfloor heating, which then has to heat the air in the room. The fact is that the heat is already partially lost in the pipes.

With infrared heating panels from Fortega Benelux B.V. there is no heat loss. The integrated foil converts electro-energy into infrared radiation heat. And right there, where you want it warm. You only need an outlet.

Our factory can supply various infrared heating products:

* infrared panels, with steel tin at the front, thickness 1.05 inches
* infrared panels in SLIM version; these are only half an inch thick
* infrared panels with glass
* infrared panels with marble
* infrared mini heating panels
* infrared ceiling panels
* infrared bathroom mirrors
* infrared mirror heating foil
* infrared hot mats for (small) pets
* infrared hot plates for food in the hospitality industry
* infrared film for special applications e.g. ceiling and underfloor heating
* Elmar heating pipes IN the ground for agriculture and horticulture, access roads and exits
* Elmar heating pipes IN the ground for, among other things, (artificial) grass for football and hockey fields
* Elmar heating pipes IN the ground for natural grass football fields
* Elmar heating pipes ABOVE the soil in greenhouses to grow products in the warmth e.g. tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries.

The manufacturer of the infrared heating panels has all TUV certificates; these are equal to the requirements of our Kema Keur.
Our infrared heating systems are sustainable, energy efficient, healthy and safe; the way to deliver the desired heat in every room.

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