Panel with marble


The infrared panels with marble can only be equipped with marble from the brand Volakas. This marble is of very good quality and is heat resistant.

It is worth remembering that it takes a little longer to heat the marble panels than with the steel plates, but they also cool down more slowly. The thickness of Volakas marble is 4.5 cm thickness.

These marble heating panels are usually installed in bathrooms. Warning: NEVER hang garments or towels over the panels. There is a list of accessories and an RVS towel rail can be supplied, which is mounted on the panel.

Manufacture of marble panels:

Energy consumption - Dimensions

400 watts - 75 x 53 x 4.5 cm
550 Watt - 100 x 53 x 4.5 cm
700 watts - 125 x 53 x 4.5 cm
900 Watt - 123 x 58 x 4.5 cm

 Our infrared heating system is sustainable, energy efficient, healthy and safe; the way to deliver the desired heat in every room.


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