Mini- heatingspanels


The infrared mini heating panels are supplied in the colours anthracite or white.

The mini heating panels from Fortega Benelux are only 1.5 cm thick. One side is made of a steel plate in the colour anthracite or white and the other side is insulation. The factory also has the possibility to have the bottom part of the panel fitted with a steel plate.

You can use this panel to keep the feet warm. Think of placing a panel under your desk, under cash registers in supermarkets, in market stalls or under pews. However, a thermostat or plug with a dimmer must be connected to limit the heat. These mini heating panels are very economical in use.

Manufacture of mini-panels:

Energy consumption - Dimensions

90 Watt - 70 x 28.5 x 1.5 cm colour white
190 Watt - 120 x 28.5 x 1.5 cm colour anthracite
90 Watt - 70 x 28.5 x 1.5 cm colour anthracite
220 Watt - 70 x 57 x 1.5 cm colour anthracite

Our infrared heating system is sustainable, energy efficient, healthy and safe; the way to deliver the desired heat in every room.

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