The infrared ceiling panels are fitted with a white steel sheet on the front.

With the infrared ceiling panels from Fortega Benelux it is possible, for example, to fix a few heating panels to the ceiling and to connect them to each other by means of electrical wiring. It depends on the size of the room as to how many panels with heating are needed.

You can then alternate them with matching panels of steel sheet without heating.

It is also possible to hang a panel on chains above the workplace in larger or higher rooms.

Manufacture of ceiling panels:

Energy consumption - Dimensions

75 watts - 59.2 x 59.2 x 3 cm
150 Watt - 119.2 x 59.2 x 3 cm
75 Watt - 61.8 x 61.8 x 3 cm
150 Watt - 123.5 x 61.8 x 3 cm

Our infrared heating system is sustainable, energy efficient, healthy and safe; the way to deliver the desired heat in every room.


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