Mirror heatingfoil


Infrared mirror heating foil is supplied in many sizes by our factory. It is to be used behind the mirror in the bathroom, so that it does not steam up.

Fortega Benelux foil comes standard with electrical wiring, which is connected to the light switch. As soon as you enter the bathroom and turn on the light, the mirror is heated slightly. If you have taken a shower or bath, you will no longer suffer from a fogged mirror. When you leave the bathroom and turn off the light, the heating of the mirror is off.

The energy consumption of the standard mirror heating foil is 15-20 watts, so when you have been in the bathroom for half an hour, you have consumed a maximum of 10 watts which is very energy efficient.

The back of the mirror does not have to be fully covered. The size of the required foil is therefore slightly smaller than the size of the mirror.

Our infrared heating system is sustainable, energy efficient, healthy and safe.


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