Small pets


Infrared heating panel for small pets.

The infrared heating panel for small pets from Fortega Benelux is, for example, intended for veterinary practices and veterinary clinics. After an operation, a cat, dog or other small animal can be placed on the heating panel and can remain there until the animal can warm itself sufficiently or is allowed to go home again. It is possible to place a blanket or towel on the panel. It can prevent an animal becoming super cooled or hypothermic after it has been in the cold for a long time or has become very wet.

Also for breeders of dogs or cats, or zoo, asylum and reception centers for all kinds of animals, the hot plate is an ideal way to heat (young) animals evenly.

A device is fitted in the panel so that the panel can not become too hot for the animal.

Manufacture heating panel small pets

Energy consumption - Dimensions

280 watts - 60 x 60 x 2.3 cm

Our infrared heating system is sustainable, energy efficient, healthy and safe.


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