How does it work? 

Traditionally, a house is heated by means of gas. Gas is converted into heat that is controlled by a central heating system and radiators. Infrared heating works through radiation. All persons and objects in the path of the radiation are heated. Infrared heating works according to the same principle. The infrared radiation that Fortega uses is the healthy infrared C radiation. You can compare it with the healthy rays from the sun. However, this radiation belongs to a part of the spectrum that is not visible.


Advantages of infrared heating 


Infrared heating has many advantages over the traditional forms of heating. First, it is very easy to install. The installation is durable with a guarantee of 5 years and relatively cheap. It is cost-effective, especially in combination with solar panels. In addition, energy savings can reach 50%. The radiant heat also feels much more pleasant than heating by means of gas. With a correct installation of the infrared C heating panels, the heating of the room takes place evenly. There is then no air movement, nor cold corners. You will not or hardly see dust particles, so that people with allergies will benefit more. Infrared heat remains in the house, i.e. the heat radiation largely reflects back from the windows. This is a characteristic of infrared and virtually all walls, ceilings and floors have the same temperature. At the windows with double glazing, there is not even a thermal bridge. This kind of heat can even be combined with other types of heat. It controls the humidity much better than convection heat and prevents mold formation.



Infrared floor heating 


You can apply infrared heating in different ways in your home. For example, there is infrared floor heating. Infrared underfloor heating is usually applied under the laminate, sand cement and tiles, marble, PVC, epoxy and carpet  (without a foam layer). We do not recommend  that you apply infrared heating under a wooden floor, for in the long run, dehydration and tearing of the floor are usually a consequence. The infrared heating foil is easy to install and is very economical and safe. The infrared polyester heating foil is thin and strong. The floor will never exceed the set heat because there is a sensor under the foil. There are several methods to install this type of heating.


Infrared heating panels


Another way to use infrared heating is via heating panels. You can hang them on the ceiling or on the wall, so that the heat in the room is evenly distributed. To profit the most of this ideal heat, there are certain conditions to take into consideration. A) Sufficient power B) Distribution of the heating panels. The panels are supplied in various colors according to size, power and possibly with a standard design. The customer can have his own design (photo) printed on the panel. The choice lies entirely with the customer, with even mirror panels in the assortment. When it comes to a panel that is placed in a ceiling, it is often possible to place it in such a way that it is almost no longer visible. The most effective heating method is on the ceiling or in a system ceiling, where the heating elements are connected to each other. A thermostat provides the desired heat.


Other creative forms of infrared heating


There are even more possibilities to use infrared heating. At local locations within a larger space. You can apply this form of heating in bathroom mirrors! You can even stick foil on the back of the mirror, so that the mirror will no longer fog over. You can place a small panel under a desk in a relatively cold room or under a desk in a Supermarket.



As you can see there are many possibilities with this new trendy form of heating! Do you want to know more? Contact us directly and make an appointment. Tel. 020-6923087.



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